Family Photos: What to wear?!

It is the time of year when family photos are in full swing and like many people, you might have something scheduled. Once you’ve chosen a photographer, picked a date and location, the hard part begins-what are we going to wear?! Gone are the days of matching white shirts and jeans, so this requires more preparation! Looking through pinterest boards can be helpful- however, they are often overwhelming. Hopefully you can find some stress free tips here to find the perfect outfits to represent you and your family!

1: Think coordination-not matchy matchy

As I mentioned before- you will want to avoid everyone wearing exactly the same thing (unless, you are typically walking around town in matching outfits). I have done sessions where in a large family, a few members are wearing the same shirts, but with different accessories or undershirts and that is a nice variation on matching.

When shopping for the perfect outfits, pick the hardest to dress person’s outfit first. Let’s face it moms, this is usually us. For example, If you find a patterned top that you just love-pull colors from it that you can dress your family in. When you coordinate, instead of matchy, it adds depth and dimension, which looks great in photos.


2: Wear what you are comfortable in

This ties in with the first idea. When you find something you feel comfortable wearing, it shows! Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, so take the time to find something that you love. You will have these pictures forever and you don’t want to always be thinking “why did I choose that!?!” every time you look at them. You also want to represent your family – let your personal style shine through!


3: Think about the color schemes

This is especially important if you are going to display your photos in your home. If you are planning on ordering a large canvas, you want to choose outfits that will coordinate with your home decor.  Also, think about the time of year. For instance, if you are taking photos in the fall with autumn foliage in the background, you will want to wear colors that compliment-not fight your surroundings.


4: Don’t be afraid of pattern and color

Patterns and colors add texture and depth which make for stunning photos! Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, patterns and accessories.


5: Give yourself time

It is not always easy to find the right outfits for the whole family after one trip to Target. Give yourself time to go to the mall and shop online if you have a few family members who need clothing. It will be stressful if you find the perfect piece online, but not enough time for it to arrive! Also-pay attention to the shoes your family is wearing!

Now you have a few basics to get you started! Happy picture season!




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