Five Quick Ways to Take Time for You

mommymetimeAt this time of the year, it’s easy to be swept away with to-do lists and resolutions to “be better at…” or “make more time for …” As we start a brand new year, I have decided that in addition to goal-setting and resolutions, I resolve to dedicate time to take care of myself. As moms, it sometimes comes naturally to focus on what everyone else needs rather than thinking about our own self-care. But there are so many ways we can invest in ourselves – without making the excuse that we have no time. Here are five easy ways to take time for yourself in less than 15 minutes a day.

  1. Get moving! Exercise doesn’t always have to take a long time, and I am frequently amazed at the physical and mental benefits of a quick workout. I love the 12 minute athlete app on my phone. You can choose 12 or 16 minute workouts, with no equipment required. If you’re really crunched on time, check out the Scientific 7-Minute Workout method.
  1. Enjoy a little luxury at home. Make yourself a fancy coffee or tea – and take the time to enjoy it! For under $10, this little milk frother changed my everyday cup of coffee into a special treat.
  1. Read or write. I know what you’re thinking “I never have time to read!” But with a little discipline, we can all squeeze 15 minutes in for ourselves a few times a week. Write down your goals for the week (goals, not tasks!) before bedtime, or start that 2013 bestseller that you never got around to reading.
  1. Call a friend or family member. Do you remember the last time you caught up with your best friend outside of text messaging or Facebook? It’s easy to get caught up with busy schedules and rely on technology to do the talking. Challenge yourself to have a real, uninterrupted conversation with a friend. Schedule phone dates if you have to!  
  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. As someone who is convinced that being a morning person is a giant myth, I can’t believe I am saying this. Yet I have seen the benefits of waking up a tad earlier than the rest of the household, and have found that mornings are generally more peaceful and enjoyable if I get a head start on the morning routine. Plus, it feels so much better to be able to slow down and play with my daughter rather than rushing around looking for earrings or packing lunches. Fifteen minutes is all the time you need to take a longer shower, make that special cup of coffee, or actually read the news.   

These are a few ways that I’ll be taking time for myself in 2016. Please share your ideas and let us know your favorite ways to spend “me time.”


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