Get Dressed, Feel Good, Go Play – The Mommy Uniform

What if you were able to put an adorable outfit together and have it take as little thought and effort as slipping into yoga pants and an oversized tee? Sound as dreamy as 8 hours of sleep? I promise you, it is totally possible…it’s called the “Mommy Uniform”and I am going to show you how to get one.

Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned mama, we all realize that clothing for mom life has some mandatory criteria…
Are all my important parts covered? Check. Is it flexible in case I need to bust out a ninja move to save my toddler from a terrible spill? Check. Is it washable (or on those extra special days, sanitizable)? Check.

We are not interested in including silk blouses, heels, or spanx in our everyday apparel. We need our clothing to get the job done and to look good while doing so. Here are some simple staples to make getting dressed as simple as…well…getting dressed.

Mommy Uniform Step 1 – T-Shirts

You can’t get more classic Americano than a great fitting tee. Plus, they are ridiculously comfortable. Here is the most important thing I can tell you about choosing a tee for your uniform, go high quality. Tees that are made from high quality fabrics do not CLING like tee shirts made from less expensive fabrics. They also hold their shape and the seams stay in place. If you are like me and wear a tee almost every day with your kiddos, think about the price per wear and invest. When I was purchasing lower quality tees, I noticed they always accentuated my tummy by clinging to it. I have since invested in high quality tees and I LOVE them! I cannot sing their praises enough. No more cling.

Care Tip: For longevity, always wash your tees in a garment bag or pillow case. This will prevent any holes from sprouting. I also recommend hanging them to dry either on a drying rack or inside out on a hanger.


             Everlane Cotton V-Neck Tee

  This tee is my go-to staple for the price. I love that it is available in so many colors.


            Halogen Jersey v-Neck Tee

The blend of this tee is cotton and modal make it extra resistant to cling. It is also perfect for effortlessly front tucking.


          Splendid Vintage Rugby Tee

This tomboy style tee is absolutely adorable with a great lightweight fit.


Mommy Uniform Step 2 -Denim

Another wonderful staple when you find the right fit for your beautiful shape. This can be a challenge up front, but once you have found your cut and brand you will be thrilled you put in the effort. Here are a few of my absolute favorites depending on your shape. Keep in mind that denim is a price per wear item that we grab often. I recommend spending a little more to get a fit you adore.

Care Tip: Please do not put your denim in the dryer! Most denim currently on the market has stretch in it. The fabric blend of cotton and spandex or cotton and elastin is what gives denim their wonderful shape and allows them to move with your body. However, when this fabric heats up in the dryer, it breaks down the spandex or elastin fibers and causes them to stop keeping their shape throughout the day. That’s why your denim may stretch out a few hours after putting it on or give the illusion of a saggy booty (aka diaper butt). Avoid this by hanging your denim to dry! They may be a little crispy once dry, but that goes away within minutes of wearing them and is so worth the longevity of your denim.

Citizens of Humanity Sculpt – Rocket High Rise

These jeans are a flattering fit for most body types, but will work best if you carry more “love” in the hips, bum, and thigh area. Also wonderful if you experience gaping in the waist, these will help tremendously. Here is the same great fit in black.


Current/Elliot The Stiletto Ankle Skinny Jeans

Here is a great casual pair of jeans. These will be best if you carry more “love” in the tummy and needing more room in the waist or if you have a narrow hip/bum. They are extremely comfortable with magical stretch. Here is the same fantastic cut in a darker wash or black.


Mommy Uniform Step 3 – Sneakers

Fortunately for us, sneakers are so in right now. When styled right, they add tremendously to the overall look of this classic jeans and tee mommy uniform. Always wear no show socks with your sneakers! this keeps the look clean without any sock distractions.

Adidas Superstar

Superstars are nostalgic for many of us and they are back and better than ever! I love them in the classic black/white, but I also love the white/white, and white/rose gold.


Vans Classics in White

Basic white sneakers are amazingly universal. They are perfect with jeans and a tee, but on a day where you want to dress up, they are adorable with a dress or a skirt. Believe it or not, they actually are quite easy to keep clean. Scrub them up every couple of months then lay them out in the sun to dry and they will stay super white.

Superga ‘Cotu’ Sneakers

I have loved having a pair of black minimalistic sneakers to fall back on. Superga is an Italian sneaker company that is on point with style and quality. I have beaten mine up big time and they still look like the day I bought them. Love, love, love.


There you have it! The 3 steps to create a no thought, functional, adorable mommy uniform. What are the clothing items you grab all the time when with your kids? Do you like the idea of a ‘mommy uniform’?


Here are a few #ootd to give you further inspiration.


  1. LOVE this post! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
    Can you share your locations for a good no-show sock? Mine slip off my heal every time!



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