Grandparents Make Life Grand


Growing up, my grandparents were a major part of my life. We didn’t go to daycare centers, montessori schools, pre-care or after-school programs. We went to mamaw’s and papaw’s or grannacy’s and grandaddy’s. I practiced fine motor skills by planting seeds in the garden, shelling peas and making homemade biscuits. I learned valuable life lessons as I “worked puzzles” with my granny at the kitchen table.

I feel so lucky to have these memories with my grandparents. They were another source of unconditional love in my life – my best buddies and role models all in one. The bond I have with

Everything is more fun with Mimi!
Everything is more fun with Mimi!

them has stayed strong, even as we lost some of them through the years.

I carry this appreciation with me still, as a mom myself. It is important to me that my daughter has a relationship with her grandparents. It has been heartwarming to watch my parents almost become parents again, and to see the unique relationship they have with my daughter. And I’m also lucky to have in-laws who love being grandparents too! (After all, grandparents get to have all the fun!)

In celebration of grandparents’ day this month, here is a list of how I think grandparents make life grand:

  1. They help. I mean, REALLY help. Like shushing fussy babies, giving you a nap, cleaning your house, and overnight babysitting.
  2. They carry on traditions. Who doesn’t have a favorite holiday tradition with their grandparents?
  3. They make everything special. Sometimes I’m amazed at how effortlessly thoughtful my mom can be.
  4. They think outside the box. Morgan gets to experience different things with her grandparents – like making jerky, feeding their pet koi, and playing new games.

    We love visits from grandma and grandpa!
    We love visits from grandma and grandpa!
  5. They make trips to their house feel like a vacation – for kids and parents. (I always get a break at my mom’s house!)
  6. They love you and your kids unconditionally. Good days and bad.  
  7. They teach you about your roots. I have learned so much about my family and our sense of history from casual conversations with my grandparents.

What do you love about grandparents?


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