Very Vanilla Milkshakes



Ahh, the “milkshake” one of America’s wonderful culinary creations.  Did you know the blender was actually invented to make milkshakes, which were originally shaken by hand?  Today we use it to make so many wonderful things.  But to think a treat so good it inspired invention!

This recipe rocks because it won’t leave you with the “heavy” feeling in your stomach that a traditional milkshake can yet it still tastes fantastic.  It has the health of a smoothie but tastes like a milkshake.  Unlike milkshakes made with ice cream this one contains much less sugar and is packed with protein!

Very Vanilla Milkshakes


1 cup Cashews

1/2 cup Almond or Coconut Milk

1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (or coconut milk yogurt), stored in the freezer for at least 3 hrs

1/2 cup Plain Greek Yogurt (or coconut milk yogurt), stored in the freezer for at least 3 hrs

3 tbsp pure Maple Syrup

1 Vanilla Bean

Soak the cashews in room temperature water for about an hour (to make a nut-free version omit cashew and decrease the coconut milk to 1/4 cup).  Puree the cashews and almond milk in a blender for a few minutes, until smooth.  Make sure the yogurt is frozen or mostly frozen and add to the blender.  Add the maple syrup to the blender.  Slice open the vanilla bean and scrape the tiny black seeds into the blender. Blend for a minute or so until so have a thick and creamy milkshake.  If needed, add a little more milk to thin.  Makes about 4 small milkshakes.  Enjoy!




Tara is mom to two energetic daughters Bianca and Iyla. Passionate about inspiring others to cook healthy, delicious and allergy-friendly food, she owns Yummy Sprout, which provides healthy culinary adventures through classes and more. Check out Tara has been featured in the Wisconsin State Journal and on Channel 3 WISC-TV on topics including “making your own baby food”, “cooking with kids” and “packing healthy school lunches”. She adores living in Madison and all it has to offer family life. Her favorite ways to spend time include messing up her kitchen while recipe testing, running, yoga, writing, painting, traveling and reading books with her girls.



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