Help! I’m Addicted To Sugar!

Sugar is one of the most addicting habits. It’s also a habit that we typically continue day in and day out without noticing just how much sugar is slipping past our mouth. It’s also easy to really wonder if consuming sugar is really that big of a deal. Let me try to convince you of the benefits of quitting sugar or and also give you a few tips and tricks on how you can overcome your sugar battle.

What is so bad about sugar anyway? Consuming sugar leads our body in the wrong direction. Here are some examples of what happens in our body when we consume sugar:

  • Sugar is a very acidic food. When our body is acidic inside, it sets up a friendly environment for disease, cancer, and a host of other health damaging effects to our body.
  • Sugar weakens our immune system. I think we’d all agree that if we could prevent this especially in the winter months that would be helpful. Our kids bring home a host of germs that we need to try and fight off.
  • Increase in bad moods. When we eat sugar it can make us grumpy. Plain and simple. It’s enough to survive the amount of work we have to do each day for yourself, your house, and your family. Consuming sugar day in and day out could be affecting your mood, motivation, and desirably to get all of your jobs done. When you quit sugar, your mood evens out and you have more energy.
  • Sugar causes an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut. Our digestive system and gut health is just as important as your brain health. When sugar is consumed, our gut health is compromised which throws off our digestion and overall health. When our digestion is off we are not able to absorb nutrients as well and we are compromising our health.
  • If you have weight loss goals, sugar is not your friend. Trying to loose weight and eating sugar at the same time is like fighting an uphill battle.

How do you quit sugar? Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Emergency backup. Have fruit on hand. Reducing your sugar cravings can be intense and the beginning. Having a fruit on hand can get you through your weak moments.
  • Keep your house sugar free. When the option is not there, you will eat less.
  • Increase your whole foods intake. When you consume more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats, your body will be getting more magnesium, zinc, and chromium which help reduce sugar cravings. You could also start taking minerals in a supplement form as you transition your diet.
  • Be a sugar snot. If you are going to eat sugar, be picky about it. Eat quality sugar that doesn’t contain a host of preservatives and fake ingredients. Read the label of the sugar that you are eating and make it a clean list.  Don’t waste your time eating low quality chocolate or candy.
  • Eat quality fats. Over the past decade we’ve been trained to eat low fat foods. Unfortunately doing so has led to a dramatic increase of processed food that contains unnatural ingredients. Start eating more avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and olive oil. When you consume these quality fats in moderation, your sugar cravings will not be as strong.
  • Quit cold turkey. Sometimes having a transition plan doesn’t fit your personality type or work for you. If you quit cold turkey for two weeks, your body will have an opportunity to reset itself and your sugar cravings will decrease quite a bit.

The most important thing to remember when trying to cut sugar out of your diet is that it is hard at first, but gets easier.  The hardest part is getting started, but the rewards of having a healthier body are worth it!




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