How to Transition a Nursery Into a Big Kid Room

Written by: Bryn Huntpalmer

The scene: it’s bedtime. You’ve just put your toddler down to sleep in her crib and have sat down on the couch for a much deserved break. All of a sudden you hear a thump and the pitter patter of little feet running across the bedroom floor.

Sound familiar? Looks like it’s time for some room rearranging. Check out these tips for making the transition from nursery to big kid bedroom just a little bit smoother.

Big kid furniture

If, when you bought your nursery furniture, you thought about the transition from crib to toddler bed, you likely will have purchased a convertible crib. These kinds of products are perfect for room transformations because they are cost effective and give your toddler the stability of the same sleeping space for every age level. Simply lower the crib, remove the bars at the side of the bed, and add a pillow and duvet to give your big kid a brand new kind of bed. If you’re purchasing again, consider a low toddler bed or floor bed (a mattress will do at this age and eliminates any accidents incurred from falling out of bed). Choose a soft armchair or lots of big pillows and a cozy rug for a story corner, and your nursery will seem more like a big kid room in no time.

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Encourage independence

As your child grows, she will begin to crave independence. Short of sending her packing for college, there are a few simple tricks you can use to give your toddler a sense of independence in her own space. Encourage your child to tidy up her room every day by making her bed, putting away toys, and arranging books. Keep clothes easily accessible (and safe!) so she can dress herself in the morning. If your child is particularly interested in self care, consider adding a Montessori style self care station in her room, with a basin of water, soap, brush, and mirror available during the day.

Space to play

Transitioning to a big kid bedroom is an important step in your toddler’s development. Help her to love her new space by creating a place for quiet independent play in her bedroom. Books, stuffed animals, and a doll house or a few wooden toys are perfect for bedrooms, but steer away from any potential choking hazards and try not to store all toys in your child’s room, unless you are happy to pick up every single toy in the morning after your toddler tornado has woken up.

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Safety checks

Before you let your big kid loose in her new room, make sure her space is safe and well childproofed. Lock all windows, keep small toys out of reach, cover outlets, and remove any strangulation risks (blinds and lamp cords are particularly hazardous here). Make sure large furniture such as bookshelves and dressers are secure and, if necessary, drilled into the wall. If your child is a climber (and they all are, just when you least expect it), limit the amount of climbable surfaces if you can. Check your toddler’s room regularly for any safety breaches and reassess when necessary.

The transition from nursery to big kid room is exciting and scary at the same time. With these simple steps and a little imagination, you and your child can create a comfortable and magical bedroom that will stay in her memory for years to come.

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