I Still See You

I know it’s hard to stay connected as a couple when your kids are little. They suck so much of your time, energy, and spirit from you on a daily basis. It feels like weeks can go by without us having much time together. But I want you to know that I still see you. You. Just you. Not you as a mom, but YOU.

You: The Professional

I see you as a caring, dedicated, amazing professional is who is incredibly skilled at what you do for a living. It never ceases to amaze me how many of your colleagues respect and admire your skills. The fact that you are asked to care for so many of their loved ones, or even for themselves, makes me extremely proud to call you my wife.

You: The Daughter

I see you as a loving daughter who still somehow still manages to make time for your parents and siblings. We roughly have the same number of family members, but you do a much better job keeping in touch with them than I do. I see you texting/calling/emailing them on a frequent basis. You don’t let time and distance come between you, which is amazing.

You: The Friend

I see you as a good friend who is always willing to listen whenever someone needs an ear. One of the first things I noticed about you when we met was how good of a listener you are. You have this amazing ability to put people at ease. Combine this with your unusually good advice and it’s no wonder so many of your friends come to you first whenever they have an issue. So when you’re feeling bad about not being able to spend as much time with friends as you would like, know they still appreciate and love the amount of time you do give them.

You: The Companion

And I see you as a wonderful wife who is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have provided me with countless opportunities and memories that I would have never dreamed of prior to you. Each day that goes by, I am thankful that we met all those years ago because your roommate convinced you to meet me (even when I know you really didn’t want to leave the house again). I can’t wait to see where the next years bring us because I know that I will have you by my side.

So when life gets busy, and we find it hard to remember who we are besides Mom and Dad, just remember you are more than that. And if you can’t always see it, know that I can. Because I see YOU.

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