It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

It’s here. The holiday season. This year is bound to be epic. 

Most years the holiday haters are often spared until Thanksgiving, but I’m going to be honest. I’ve seen a lot of holiday promotions well in advance of the normal time frame. There were in fact new holiday movies on Netflix before Halloween and I’ll admit, I have already watched 2 of them. I couldn’t help myself and I’m sorry. 

But really, I’m not sorry. The holidays provide a sense of happiness, peace, consistency, but also something new. Every year has some aspect that feels fresh. A spin on the typical traditions. A reason for hope. It seems like everyone will be looking for that this year. Something to lean on, but also something exciting to take on or embrace. A little bit of change with the old standards.

I’m planning to buy new holiday books, cozy up, and enjoy. I’ve already seen a few ads for upcoming new releases, again all before Halloween. Is it because the author/publisher is ready to make a profit or is it that they know people are going to notice these promotions much farther in advance than they would have in prior years? Who knows, but it still gives you a warm fuzzy to think about the season of family traditions, love, and sharing. And yes, it does work. I will probably buy that book.

We celebrate Christmas, but maybe we’ll do more socially distanced or virtual events with friends who celebrate other holidays. We’ll embrace more and understand why they love their traditions. Who knows? Maybe we’ll put up lights and a tree prior to Thanksgiving. It is easier to do prior to it getting really cold so that’s a plus. And, how refreshing to walk around your neighborhood in the afternoon and see all of the lights sharing a little cheer and warmth during a chilly walk? I say dark in the afternoon because it is dark by 4pm. Yes- I am a hater of this and I’m going to try my best this year to embrace it. Just like I embrace daylight until 9pm in the summer. 

Maybe the snow will stick around earlier than usual too? Maybe I’ve crossed a line in saying this? There are the holiday haters, but then there are the winter haters. They seem to have an even stronger opinion despite it being completely out of their control. Sounds familiar for 2020, right? Completely out of our control. 

But, it’s all in how you respond to the side swipes. What’s your comfort level? What’s your plan? How will you roll it out?

These are all questions that I’m sure you’ve asked yourself everyday since March. So why not embrace it this year? Why not change your mindset and share the love? The love that you feel about whatever makes you happy. Instead of bringing up more hate…share those silly traditions, join a virtual group, listen to holiday music and sing loudly to it, pick up a new hobby, roll around in the snow as an adult, or enjoy those extra holiday cookies and then go for a run.

It’s all in the name of the holiday spirit which again has already descended upon us prior to Halloween this year. So let’s embrace it and choose love. 

Lyndsey was born and raised in New Orleans which instilled a deep passion for architecture, history, and FOOD. She and her husband James are proud graduates of UW-Madison. Go Badgers! They live in the Madison area with their 3 active children. Lyndsey is a freelance writer and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When not working, she can be found running her kids around to swimming, ballet, basketball, and skiing. They all love new adventures, travel, cooking, being outdoors, reading, biking, and trying to keep up with their new puppy.


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