What is Kidizen :: Stylish Clothing that is Easy on the Wallet & the Environment

We partnered with Kidizen to bring you this post. The thoughts and feelings are our own and we are SO excited to share about this brand with our readers since it’s a brand we truly love!

When I first learned about Kidizen I was immediately intrigued. I’m the mom to a five year old daughter and three year old boy/girl twins and I admittedly love shopping for clothes for them. Probably a little too much – but that’s a topic for another day! Kidizen is a FREE app where parents can easily buy and sell new or gently used clothing directly to and from other parents. It’s extremely user friendly, only took me a couple minutes to set up an account (a quick download on to your mobile device and you can start shopping (or selling…) your little heart out!) 

I’m telling you – I am one who is easily overwhelmed by resale websites and generally don’t like the hassle of selling my kids clothes – but do love the idea of recycled clothing and making purchases that are friendlier to the environment. Kidizen is a complete game changer! They make it SO easy. If you want to sell an item(s), it’s only a few simple steps to create a listing. You set your own price, they calculate the shipping and then they tell you exactly how much money you would make from each sale (at any given price point) to really make it worth your while! As soon as someone purchases your item you are alerted – they take all the communication legwork out of it. 

And the purchase process was a breeze, too – I purchased from six different sellers and received every single item in less than one week. I connected my account to my PayPal so it was simple to checkout – literally the click of a button. The selection on Kidizen is truly amazing – I narrowed by choices by using the search function and seeking out specific brands that I know and love (Hanna Anderrson, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Tea Collection, to name a few & even certain sports teams… Go Sun Devils!). I found some amazing deals and also found items that I knew I could pair with staples that I already have for fall (i.e.: tunics & tops to go with leggings we already own; tees that can be mixed & matched; some UA & Nike pants for my son that will serve as staples this fall (I only spent $16.50 which includes shipping for two pairs of like new athletic pants — that’s a win!)).

Additionally, you can follow users that you like (and who sell brands who generally buy and are selling sizes that your kids are wearing) and will be alerted when they add new items. 

Quick insider tip: they also have BRAND NEW DVD’s for serious discounts! Pinocchio & Tangled are on my daughter’s birthday list – each are over $20 at Target… but were only $10/each (brand new) on Kidizen

Another INSIDER TIP: Your kids can wear the clothes you purchase on Kidizen and you can potentially resell them again after they are done (assuming they are gently worn… which we all know depends on the item & the age of the child, but is definitely a possibility!)

And a few more of my favorite finds in addition to those pictured above!:



Kidizen’s mission is to strengthen and empower our family communities through sharing – both what we have and who we are – thereby living more connected, more sustainable lives while profoundly shaping the future of consumerism. 

Sooooo if you are ready to save money AND/or make money – you can easily download the app by clicking here, works for Android or iOS! Everyone who downloads the app before August 4th is automatically entered in a giveaway for a chance to win a $200 gift card!

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  1. Love this! What a neat idea! And I especially love the Arizona State shirt featured 😉 Hard to find ASU stuff in Madison lol


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