Letting Go of New Year’s Resolutions: Choose to Do This Instead

I’m tired of focusing on what is wrong with me and what I need to fix. This new year I am doing things differently, and I encourage you to do the same. Of course it’s easy to nit-pick at ourselves and think about all the things we should be doing.

I should be working out

I should be eating healthy

I should be reading more

I should be drinking less alcohol

I should stop yelling at my kids

You get the idea, right?

Let’s stop the “shoulds” and embrace the “choosings”.

As we are approaching a new year, what do you choose to spend your time on?

Do you choose to celebrate yourself more?

How about you choose to spend more time on self-care this year (whatever that looks like to you)?

What if you chose to be kinder and gentler with not only your children, but yourself?

(It’s actually quite a telling story when we watch the way we speak to ourselves. I catch myself speaking to my kids the way I speak to myself, so if I am being kinder, gentler, and less judging of myself, it’s easy to be the same to my kids.)

How about I choose to only spend my time doing things I enjoy doing, with people I enjoy doing it with, if it’s not a required commitment or obligation?

Doesn’t that feel lighter when you think about it?

A new year doesn’t have to begin with promises you make to yourself that focuses on what is wrong and needs fixing. If we can celebrate where we are now and use it as an opportunity to check in with our inner pilot light – our inner guidance – on what feels right, then I think it’s a much easier transition into the new year. It’s also a great time to reflect on this past year and see how much you have grown, rather than what you didn’t accomplish or resolutions you didn’t stick with.

A tiny shift in perception is all it takes to turn your shoulds into choosings.

This year I choose to see clearly the vision I have for my life and my family’s life.

This year I choose to be kinder to myself.

This year I choose to nourish my body because it has given birth to 3 babies.

This year I choose to be a more compassionate human being to those around me.

This year I choose to speak softer and sweeter to my kids and myself.

This year I choose to connect to myself more.

This year I choose to be open and notice opportunities set in front of me.

This year I choose to make no apologies for being me.

And when I mess up? I choose to forgive myself easier and quicker.

What do you choose to do this new year that celebrates you?

Regina lived most of her adult life in California while pursuing her dream of being a working actress. When life blessed her with being a mother, her and her husband, Will, decided it was time to return to the Midwest, where both of them grew up. Regina returned to her home state of Wisconsin and has since added a second daughter, and a son, to her family. She is extremely passionate about living a balanced lifestyle, which includes nutritious eating, meditation, fitness, and wine. A recovering perfectionist, Regina now focuses on progress over perfection and is working on being more compassionate to herself, and vows to have self-care be a part of her daily life. She also loves to read, listen to music & podcasts, and experiment with baking. Regina lives in Verona with her husband and three children. You can follow her further on her journey at www.MoveYourRoots.com (@moveyourroots on Instagram).


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