My Love For You Has Changed

My dearest husband, my love for you has changed. Our 8th anniversary has come and gone recently and I realize now that my love for you is so different from when we first got married. Eight years ago I would swoon over flowers and being whisked away for a fancy dinner and a night on the town. You would bring me home chocolate when I had a bad day at work. I appreciated and adored everything you did.

Well that was then, and this is now. I sit here and write this while I watch you play games on your computer and I am being climbed on like a human jungle gym. I long for 10 minutes where I don’t have a child climbing on me. I can’t even escape to the bathroom without a cat at my feet, a baby trying to climb up my leg, and a 6 year old knocking on the door asking me for help finding the toy she had 2 seconds prior. I understand that you work all day and when you get home you just want to relax, but some days I need a break too. Some days I envy that you get to leave the house and go to work all day. I know I chose to be a stay at home mom, but there are days that I am sure I am not qualified for this job. I know your job is stressful, but mine can be too. 

With all that being said 8 years later I am still madly in love with you. It’s a different kind of love. I adore the days you come home with pizza so I don’t have to cook. The times you offer to clean the house if I take the kids to the park. I fell in love with the father you have become to our children. There are days that I sit back and just observe. I see our 6-year old excited to show you her latest art project and our 1-year old toddle over to you yelling Dada as soon as you walk in the door. These are the days I live for. These are the times that make my heart melt 1,000 times over. It’s the simple things now that I adore and appreciate. So yes, my love for you has changed, but it has also grown immensely. My dearest husband, you are still my rock, don’t ever change.  

Julia was born and raised in Upstate NY. She and her husband moved here 7 years ago and fell in love with Madison. Julia has two amazing little girls. Liliana is a loving, attitude filled, dance obsessed 5 year old. Catherine is a beautiful, sweet, and awfully messy 8 month old. Julia is a stay at home mom during the weekdays and works part time for WKOW doing some behind the scenes work. She loves making conversation with anyone and everyone so to no surprise in her free time she loves to go out with friends and catch up over dinner and drinks.


  1. How sweet, an inspiration to every couple like us. Husbands who help their wife in house chores are is a very lovable way and a gift that they can give their wives. How I wish all husbands are like this.


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