Putting Myself Out There

The Great Wall of China! This was an incredible trip out of my comfort zone that ignited some passions in my heart.

As mothers we can be the biggest cheerleaders for our kids.  We see their potential.  We know how close they are to achieving something simple or amazing, so we continue cheering. We keep up the encouragement.  We believe for them when they doubt their own abilities.  We think ahead to their futures and see so many options, so many dreams.  We can visualize them doing any number of incredible things- things that matter, add value to life, and ignite their passions.

So, if we can do this for our children, why mamas can’t we do this for ourselves?

Why do I let my role as a mother be an excuse to let my potential sizzle out?  Why do I explain away my own dreams thinking, Who has time for those when I can’t even pick up my kid from preschool without being late? When did I stop believing that I could do incredible things- things that matter, add value to life, and ignite my passion?

I love being a mom.  It is a privilege, blessing, and calling.  I have friends who would love to be a mother, and it is not missed on me that I get to be a mom.  I’m thankful for my crew of three incredible kids.  Herein lies the tension to manage- my calling and dreams fulfilled as a mother and the calling and dreams waiting to be fulfilled as a person.  I am both- mother and person.  I’ve ignored a piece of that equation for far too long.

I’m not advocating for the lie shoved down our throats that as women we can have it all- successful high powered career, perfect children, doting spouse, spotless home, beautiful wardrobe, and killer abs.  Not going to happen.  To borrow a word from Jen Hatmaker in For The Love, that is “horsecrappery.”

What’s real is that I have potential, dreams, and a calling in both arenas- in my home and out in the world.  For me this may or may not involve employment.  For me this may or may not involve homeschooling.   For me this may or may not involve further education. For me this may or may not involve volunteering.  What does it involve for you?  What doesn’t it involve for you?

I’m asking these questions because there is something that accidentally got buried.  No, I’m not talking about the resume I had to unearth stuck on a hard drive from a computer long ago dead.  I’m talking about hope, ability, giftedness, and passion.  I want to recognize the value of a complete person- a person who loves her family, her God, and her world.  I’m putting myself out there.  I invite you to join me.  Let’s see what happens.

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