The Top 7 Reasons why Living in Madison is so Awesome


I have lived in Madison for three years now and let me tell you that I love this city. Before living in Madison, my husband, girls and I lived in a small town in South Carolina. The people in South Carolina were lovely. The weather was hot and humid, there was only one park, one little library, and no winter. Oh, and there were fire ants. Fire ants bring a whole new meaning to that cute little phrase “ants in my pants.” But enough about humidity and ant bites in unfortunate places. Let’s talk about Madison and why it’s so awesome!

Kid and Family Friendly

I love that everywhere you go in Madison you see families and kids. Nearly every coffee shop I have gone in has a toy corner for kids. You can take your kids on a bike ride and bike anywhere in Madison. There are also lots of story times, concerts and events for kids going on somewhere. Madison also has a fantastic Children’s Museum that is great to explore as a family and Henry Vilas Zoo, (which just happens to be free!)


Gazillions of Parks (seriously, I counted)

I think the first week we lived in Madison I took my girls to two different parks a day. Literally. We were in heaven! Having come from a town with only one park, we couldn’t get enough of new slides, swings, and playgrounds. I love that every neighborhood has at least one park within walking distance. And if the local neighborhood park isn’t doing it for you, you can get really crazy. You can drive to one of the many Dream Parks and have a great time going back and forth between exploring the giant playgrounds and temporarily losing your child for five minutes at a time. And don’t forget the splash pads that go along with the parks, a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon!


Outdoor Activities

I was amazed when we moved to Madison to constantly see people outside walking, running, biking, working in their yards, skiing, etc. Even in the dead cold of winter I saw people jogging. I love how “outdoor” friendly Madison is, even with our long cold winters. There is always biking on one of the many bike trails, running, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, swimming in pools and lakes, and hiking. And don’t forget ice fishing – if you’re into that sort of thing. Who wouldn’t want to drive a truck out in the middle of a lake, dig a hole through the freezing ice and stand over it all day? And if you want to be outside of the city there are numerous county and state parks within an hour, with beautiful hiking trails and lakes.

Beautiful and Clean City

Madison is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. Besides the fact that it is a very clean and well maintained city, Madison borders rolling green farmlands, lakes, has plenty of trees and natural landscaping and beautiful wide open skies. One of the most unique things about Madison is that you can actually see the Capitol building from anywhere in the city, and even outside the city. Pretty amazing. It’s great to live in a city full of people that care about taking care of it’s land!


Diverse Community

Madison is a beautiful melting-pot of people, cultures and religions. Everywhere you go there is someone to meet and learn about who is from a different culture and background. I think this makes Madison a unique place to raise children where they can be submerged in different cultures and learn about other people. Also having such a diverse population allows everyone to partake in fun things like new foods from other countries, from lots of fantastic restaurants.

Four Seasons

I love all four seasons. In Madison you get a taste of everything. And during winter you get not only a taste but a full course meal. Madison has perfect summers that are usually not too hot. Autumn is beautiful and colorful. Winter is a fantastic and snow filled adventure. Spring is always nice when it arrives (in May).

Here a Target, There a Target, Everywhere a Target!

What more do I need to say? Can a city have too many Target stores? You can thank me personally for helping keep them in business. You are welcome.

I could probably make a list of a hundred things I love about Madison! I feel fortunate to live in such a fantastic city where my husband and I can raise our girls. I’m pretty sure that at least once a day, (everyday)    for the last three years I have heard my husband say “I love it here.” And I agree!


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