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Pampers and parenting have become somewhat synonymous — for over half a century, Pampers has been providing top-notch products for babies. 60 years ago they re-invented baby care with disposable diapers and now, they are on a purpose-inspired mission to revolutionize baby care once again!

Lumi by Pampers was co-developed with pediatricians (and safety in mind) and is the world’s first Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle that’s innovating baby monitoring by helping parents monitor and track their baby’s sleep habits 24/7. It does so by placing a tracker on the diaper. Lumi tracks sleep, and charts it to create useful and personalized insights and tips to help parents build a routine that promotes better sleep for the family.

When I first learned about Lumi I was intrigued. We live in an ever evolving world and technology has the ability to enrich our lives. It’s the product that any new parent will want and that every new parent deserves.

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How Lumi Works

Lumi is a three-part system, comprising a smart sensor, a baby camera, and a well developed app to tie it all together. The sensor automatically tracks the baby’s sleep patterns, sending the information to the Lumi app on your phone. Parents can also chart feeding times and milestones to see a fuller scope of how their child’s routines evolve over time! You are able to see emerging sleep patterns and establish a suitable routine.

Smart Sensor

Automatically tracks your baby’s sleep patterns to help you create a routine that works for the whole family. It’s enhanced with Velcro ® to securely attach to Lumi diapers. The sensor only works with Lumi diapers (but we priced them out and they are competitively priced when compared to other diapers).

Unbelievably Good Monitor

Everything you’re looking for plus more: 1080p HD wide angle, night vision, two-way audio, room temperature and humidity tracking, and state-of-the-art encryption. This video monitor is top-notch – it comes with all the bells and whistles and has continuous background audio that lets parents hear baby even when using other apps. And most importantly, it provides you with a crisp, clear image of your baby!

Well Developed App

The system all comes together in the app. The app seamlessly brings the system together, and transforms your baby’s data into personalized insights to help you understand their unique development journey. You receive alerts when the diaper needs to be changed and are able to track their sleep and chart feeding times. It allows you to create routines that work best for you and your baby.

Receive 15% off for Memorial Day using
code CITYMOM15 (valid May 22 -28, 2020)!

Lumi is an amazing product – with a mission to empower parents with the tools they need to care for and further understand their baby’s development.

Learn more about Lumi: 


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