When You’re in a Funk

When I get home, but I drive past my house a few times before deciding to pull into the driveway, or when looking at peoples’ vacation pictures makes me feel a little stabby, or when I hear a song from college on the radio and it makes me feel like a person for three minutes, that’s when I know I’m in a funk. The lack of sleep that comes from someone thinking there is an all night breast milk buffet, the long, cold, gloomy winter, the fact that my house is a disaster 7 seconds after I clean it, the hours of meltdowns, the list of 200 things I need to do but can never seem to get them done, the Christmas cards I never got out, the needs of everyone I’m constantly trying to attend to. Sometimes it’s weeks or months of built up stress, sleep deprivation, and “mom life” that puts me in a funk, and sometimes it happens and I don’t know exactly why. But it all adds up and eventually even the smallest things make me burst into tears, I start to feel bored, lose patience, feel unmotivated, unexcited and overall blah. I know I need to hoist myself out of the hole and get a grip, but the hardest part is starting. Here are a few things that I do to help get out of a funk.

Exercise! The longer and harder I sweat, the better I feel. But, even if it’s a quick 20 minute walk, it makes such a difference in my mood, motivation, patience and general attitude. This can be a tricky because when I am in a funk, I struggle with the motivation to get moving, but I know the less active I am, the worse I feel, and the longer I’m in my rut.

Make lists, and keep them small. I tend to get overwhelmed by my to do lists which makes even the smallest task seem impossible to tackle. I try to prioritize and make several small lists. If I can cross just a couple of things off, it helps to start the ball rolling.

Call a friend! When I’m stuck in a rut and need to get moving on something and just can’t get myself to do it, sometimes it helps to call a friend and have them talk you through one task until it’s done.  And of course, grabbing dinner, making a playdate, getting a manicure, going for a walk, doing anything with a friend always makes me feel better.

Clean! My mind always feels better, less cluttered when my living space is clean and uncluttered. Take 10 minutes and pick up and start with a clean slate!

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