10 Binge-Worthy Shows (and Specials) on Netflix Right Now

You’re decking the halls and trimming the tree. But perhaps you need a little break from the constant holiday cheer (or maybe you don’t even celebrate Christmas). I’ve made a list of some of my favorite shows and specials currently on Netflix that are non-holiday related. I hope you find something new you’d like to watch.

Side Note – Instead of a book club, would a Netflix club be something other moms would want to do? Think about it. You all watch the same show and then get together to discuss it over wine and appetizers. Or better yet, you could view the show together like you did in college – Grey’s Anatomy anyone?

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1) The Great British Baking Show

If your Aunt Judy is a talker and you are dreading getting pulled into a conversation with her, put on The Great British Baking Show and you two can bond over your mutual love for the show. Seriously, I haven’t met anyone who isn’t obsessed with this one. It is a baking competition and in each episode there are three baking challenges. 

There is no swearing or overly dramatic people because it is filmed in Britain. It is just good, clean, polite competition that makes your mouth water.

If you are a person who is in the holiday spirit 24/7, the show did just come out with holiday episodes and yes I’ve already watched them.

2) Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

I love Trevor Noah, he is so funny. His new comedy special on Netflix definitely had me laughing out loud. Trevor explores the cultural differences he has experienced living in the U.S. after having been born and raised in South Africa. It includes a whole segment on tacos. If you need some laughs one night to de-stress after all the holiday preparations this show is a good one.

3) Spirit

Okay, yes it is a children’s show. As a mom, I have a toddler who really enjoys this one but I think I may like it more than her. The main character is a girl who moves to the frontier with her dad.  She saves a wild horse and the two become inseparable. With her new friends and their horses many adventures are had. The show is sweet, has some girl-power in it, and overall for a children’s show is not that bad. This coming from a woman who has never liked watching cartoons.

4) Making a Murderer

Admit it, we were all a little obsessed with the show when it first came out. But have you seen the second installment yet? It’s still super interesting and very hard not to watch more than one episode at a time. Steven has hired a new, fancy lawyer who dives deeper into the details of the case. She is determined to find who the “real” murderer is. Want to spice up some of your upcoming family get-togethers? Bring up Making a Murderer, it has proven to be very divisive, especially if you live in Wisconsin.

Netflix on a laptop5) The Kominsky Method

I just happened upon this show when I needed something to have on in the background while I did some online Christmas shopping. Turns out, the show is not half bad. Sandy Kominsky is an acting coach and good friends with his agent. These two older men deal with life’s problems (such as death, enlarged prostates, and weakened sex drives) together all while making witty dialogue. You’ll recognize a lot of faces in this one.

6) Sisters

I randomly watched an episode of Sisters one day and got hooked. A father of a seemingly only child is on his deathbed when it is revealed to the world that he impregnated numerous woman with his own sperm at his fertility clinic. The episodes go on to have all the possible siblings meet, get DNA tested, and form relationships.

7) Grace and Frankie

Very similar to The Kominsky Method, Grace and Frankie are two older women going through life together after their husbands left them for each other. Totally opposite personalities, the duo spend the majority of the time driving each other crazy. A new season is coming in January!

8) Anne with an E

Anyone else love Anne of Green Gables growing up? I sure did. I watch the Megan Follows version any time it is on television, so I was weary when this new reprisal came up on Netflix, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, the show follows the same plot line. An orphan is sent to live with an older brother and sister on their farm but they weren’t expecting a girl. They decide to keep her anyway even as she gets into more and more shenanigans. In this version, other characters stories are told and featured as the episodes move along.  

9) John Leguizamo’s Latin History For Morons

I am a total history nerd but I think anyone would enjoy watching this Netflix special. John Leguizamo explains Latin history in a hilarious yet still enlightening way. He covers from the times of the Aztecs and Incans to the Civil War and much more. All this came about because John didn’t want his son to be ashamed of his own heritage.

10) Narcos: Mexico

If you are a fan of films such as Blow and American Made this is the show for you. Narcos: Mexico covers true events that occurred during the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel. The amount of corruption, power, and influence that took place was just enormous. One of the main characters is an American DEA agent who wants to do his part in the war on drugs.

What shows are you currently binging on?


Mehgan recently moved back to Wisconsin and is taking advantage of all Madison has to offer! She graduated from UW-Madison in Family and Consumer Science Education and taught high school for five years before becoming a bridal store manager/wedding planner. Currently mom to her extremely active toddler Cora (March 2017), sweet baby Autumn (September 2018), and large Goldendoodle Benny (January 2010), Mehgan is relishing the opportunity to stay at home for the moment. Reading and blogging on her personal blog (www.PlanningForKeeps.com) takes up any spare moments she can steal during naptime. Mehgan can't wait for summer when camping, zoo outings, and trips to Door County will be on the agenda.


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