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This post is sponsored by Eye Promise. We are thrilled to present our audience with new and innovative products. Because these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, we recommend contacting your family optometrist with any questions. Use PROMO CODE: SST5 for $5 off a bottle of EyePromise Screen Shield Teen!

Screen time (and technology) has become a hot topic conversation for our generation of moms. How much screen time is too much? What screens can they watch? What programs are okay or are not okay? It’s constant. As my kids have gotten older, the amount of screens they are exposed to on a daily basis has only increased. Even though we have always limited their time at home, it’s somewhat of an uphill battle as they gain their own independence. And truthfully, they do need to know how to effectively navigate technology and electronics – because we are certainly living in a digital world!

When our kids are young, we worry that too much technology will impact their cognitive development – but the reality is that there are other repercussions. Because children’s eyes are still developing, eye strain caused by screen time and exposure to technology can be problematic. Vision Source claims headaches, neck and back pain, eye dryness and fatigue, blurry vision, and difficulty shifting focus to objects at a distance are all symptoms of eye strain. Like all other things in life – balance is the goal. But as kids become more and more tech-savvy, their eyes may suffer. As they enter their teenage years, the majority of screen time usage is unavoidable (studies indicate as much as 69% is unavoidable…). It may be required for school work; or part of their curriculum at school… even when we do our best to minimize it, screens are somewhat inevitable for this generation. 

Along with implementing screen time balance, I was excited to learn about EyePromise Screen Shield Teen. It is a proactive way to help protect their vision long-term. I’m always thrilled to learn about new, cutting edge products and feel fortunate to be raising children in such an innovative day and age where problems can be prevented BEFORE they even occur! 

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen’s key ingredient is Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin). Zeaxanthin is a potent and all-natural nutrient that acts as a powerful barrier between our source of vision in the back of the eye and harmful oxidants that can damage our long-term vision. This all-natural nutrient can also protect vision from the effects screen time can have on your kids’ vision. We’re all born with certain levels of zeaxanthin, but the body cannot produce it on its own – which means we have to eat foods that contain this nutrient or take eye vitamins that do! With 5 mg of dietary zeaxanthin and 2.5 mg of lutein, Screen Shield Teen is the leading eye health vitamin and is guaranteed to help increase the eyes’ protective barrier that defends our source of vision while also protecting it from the effects of increased screen time. Relief from eye strain typically occurs a month into taking EyePromise Screen Shield Teen. While the FDA does not evaluate claims on vitamins or supplements, you are able to contact your family optometrist; EyePromise® is the #1 doctor recommended eye vitamin brand in the US.

In addition to the Screen Shield Teen supplements, EyePromise® also offers a variety of eye health products for adults. Their products are science based with proven outcomes. Use PROMO CODE: SST5 for $5 off a bottle of EyePromise Screen Shield Teen!

Four Tips (to help your kids get the most out of their eye vitamins)

  1. Give them the full dose. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to give your child the full recommended dose. It’s tempting to give them half a dose to make the product last longer, but you’re risking them only getting half the guaranteed benefits of the eye vitamin.
  2. Children can take EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Teen with a multi-vitamin. EyePromise® eye vitamins (except AREDS 2 Plus with Multi-Vitamin) are designed to be taken with a multi-vitamin. So, if your child takes a multi-vitamin, don’t worry about them doubling up on nutrients.
  3. Children should take them with a meal. Most vitamins come in two forms: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water and are then absorbed by the body. Fat-soluble vitamins dissolve and are stored in fat and are absorbed best by the body with food. EyePromise® eye vitamins are fat-soluble, so be sure they’re taken with a meal. Taking eye vitamins with a meal also helps avoid an upset stomach.
  4. Store in an appropriate place. Store at room temperature: 50º-77º F (15º-25º C). Do not expose to excessive heat.

Learn more about EyePromise Screen Shield or purchase it here. Use PROMO CODE: SST5 for $5 off a bottle of EyePromise Screen Shield Teen!

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