Chatbooks: Preserving Family Memories the Easy Way

Have you heard of Chatbooks? They are my new best friend!

It is a product that from the moment I found it, I fell in love, and talked (incessantly) to everyone I know about my unending affection for it. You may think I’m being dramatic, HA, I totally am, but seriously they are amazing! There are a few things I feel that way about and I LOVE to share my greatest passions via Instagram (aka, my microblog) because it is a space I can access easily and quickly, do instantly or after the fact. But when I found Chatbooks it changed the way I use Instagram/social media. Now, with very little effort, I can document our family life and all it entails.

(FYI, this is NOT a sponsored post or ad; it is 100% one mamas love of a great product I want to share; if we were chatting over coffee, you’d hear about these books!)

I have loved taking pictures and documenting life since I was a child and have always kept a journal. I scrapbooked through high school and then transitioned to online photo books after college. But my problem was that no matter how I tried to preserve family memories I wanted it to perfectly represent us, which made creating books a huge production, and in turn I never actually finished (or I finish and end up dissatisfied with the result for the money spent).

Enter Chatbooks.IMG_20160905_104753

Taken straight from their website, “Documenting and sharing the ongoing story of your life shouldn’t be a ‘project’—because you definitely don’t need another thing on your to-do list. Instead, take advantage of the Chatbooks Ongoing Series service. Set your Series up, then forget about it: photos you post on social media or choose from your phone will be added in automatically. Join 100,000 happy subscribers who live their life—and let Chatbooks print it.”

Amen! They get me.

IMG_20160905_105954Here’s how it works:

You set up a “Series” subscription (although you can print individual/custom books, I just love our subscription series). Every time you hit 60 images, it alerts you that your book is almost ready to print. At which point you go into the app to make any changes you want (delete a photo, edit cover photo, change text…or do nothing. It will print regardless in 3 days from that alert), and then it automatically prints and ships. They’re printed with a cover image, and the series name on the spine, along with what volume book it is of your series, and the encompassing dates of the photos within the book. For a high-quality 6×6 book, the cost is $8 (including shipping) and the books are fabulous! Plus, at $8 I’m not concerned about potential spelling mistakes OR little hands flipping through them, in fact, I encourage it! Plus, I’m pretty sure you can even compile books with other family members or using specific hashtags to create additional series.

You can do all this simply and quickly by using their app on your phone! 

IMG_20160905_105322These books removed every ounce of pressure I felt about printing (or I should say not printing) family albums and pictures because now we receive a book about once a month, more or less. And the best part is that they consist of our actual day-to-day life. As opposed to my previous books which seemed to consist mainly of holidays and vacations (and there is still a place for that) but never seemed to have a place for the random Tuesday fort-building; our Chatbooks mainly consist of the randomness of our days, from my morning devotion and cup of coffee, to books we’re reading, or simply a sweet image snapped at the park. These are the things I want to preserve!

Chatbooks serve as my family journal. It keeps me posting consistently as to keep a solid record of our days, but since I know it will be printed for our family to enjoy, it’s fun to share my thoughts, kid’s quotes, and sentiments I want to remember.  person_dWeg86zLsBWQ7GFQBfPeM5LQVCWB0BYAIdYgqpnj (1)

I could go on and on, but you probably just want to give them a shot! The fun part is that they offer your first book FREE when you use a referral code* (and then whoever referred you also receives $1 on their account to use on future books…win, win!). Hop on over to their website: and use referall code: PZ9NHVWW to set up your series and look forward to your free first book!

*While this post is not sponsored, the author will receive a $1 credit for each order placed. The thoughts and opinions shared are the author’s and she would recommend ChatBooks to anyone!

I hope you love them as much as I do and I’d love to know what you think!



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