Christmas… New Years… Now What???

The holiday season brings so much cheer, anticipation, and family joy. Although sometimes it may feel busy or rushed, and I may have a to-do list a million miles long, I love all the hub-bub, activities, family time, and pure joy it brings to my family. 

But what happens when Christmas is over and the New Year passes? All of the presents have been unwrapped, all of the cookies have been eaten, the guests have all gone… now what? I stare at a pile of wrapping paper and a mound of dishes wondering, “where has all the magic gone?” 

Bless This Mess!

Post holiday blues is a thing. I have definitely felt it in the past. I enjoy all of the joys of the holidays so much that when it’s over, I genuinely miss it. That got me thinking though, what makes that holiday spirit so joyful? For me, it’s the full on family time, it’s the joy on my children’s faces as they try something new, whether it’s a new toy, a new cookie, or a new activity. It’s the joy of giving my all to bring joy to others. It is an amazing miracle of a feeling. I wondered, why do those things that make me so happy have to end just because the holidays are over? They don’t!!!

So, as 2019 has wrapped up and the new year is fully upon us, instead of feeling blue that it has come to an end, I am challenging myself to recreate those joyous moments and experiences in our everyday life. 

Simply put, I plan to continue the joy of the giving season all year long. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate and busy as the Christmas season, but it can be just as exciting and joyous. As I was able to reflect, I noticed three main pillars in what made the season for me. 

  1. Family Time

  2. Baking

  3. Giving

Although they may seem like three simple ideas, we all know life can get in the way. We can too easily forget, or get too busy to remember to stop and do what brings us true joy. My plan is to be more intentional in keeping the joy present in our everyday lives. 

Family Time

There are so many things we love to do as a family. At this very moment, we have been enjoying playing board and card games. We love reading together. During the Wisconsin winter months, we also love to go sledding and spend time outdoors in the snow.


Now this one can be a little dangerous (to my waistline), but baking doesn’t always have to be sweets. In the new year, I hope to bake more banana bread, healthy blueberry breakfast muffins, and protein bites (which actually are no-bake). It’s not really what we bake that matters, but the time we spend together in the kitchen mixing, measuring, and of course eating that matters the most. Working in the kitchen with my children is truly one of my passions and brings me pure joy. 


I think it’s safe to say I am the most excited about this one. I think that is because it is something new. I am an enneagram 2. So, helping is my thing. This year I’d like to be more intentional in my efforts of giving. From giving back to my community and those who need it most to sharing my knowledge and experiences with my readers and followers on Instagram and my blog, I hope to make giving a more regular occurrence in my household. More than anything, I want to be a good role model for my children and pass on the joy of giving to them. 

I am curious. What brings you joy? Share with me in the comments what you can do to combat the Wisconsin Winter Blues? 

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Tessa Karls
Tessa is a stay at home mom of three little snackers. She has an extensive background in education. She is a UW-Madison alumni with a degree in Special Education, Prek-6 Education, a certificate in Gifted and Talented Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. Now, Tessa enjoys spending time with her family, baking up a storm, playing outdoors and sharing her motherhood journey on her personal blog as well as her Instagram @tessa.karls.


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