Do You Hear What I Hear?

Times they are a-changin’ in my life: College-age daughter has her own apartment, oldest son is graduating from high school next month, and the youngest is taking driver’s education.

The other day I was thinking how the house was quiet. Part of me breathed a sigh of relief and relished the calm. But then I started to miss the noise. Then I started to remember all the noises I have heard over the last almost 21 years as a mama. So, here’s a short list of some of my #momlife greatest hits:

A crying newborn baby in the middle of the night (there were days I myself would be whimpering, wondering when said baby would sleep all night)

Children’s laughter from playing outside drifting through an open window when I’m making dinner (and not to totally glamorize my life, but sometimes I heard it as I was cleaning toilets)

Kids watching a movie in our basement — laughing at the movie/one another, hollering for someone to get more snacks

Music blaring from the bathroom while someone is in the shower

Practicing piano

“I got it!” as little ones raced to answer a ringing phone or respond to the doorbell 

Chatter around the table after a meal

Siblings arguing

Siblings laughing

Scooters zipping down the sidewalk

School buses screeching to a stop

Doors slamming

Cheers from the stands at a baseball game, basketball game, or swim meet

Giggles as secrets are shared

School bells signaling the end of the school day

Gasps of slight panic from the passenger seat while someone is learning to drive

Doors unlocking and the dog barking as someone comes in just before their curfew

The thump of the basketball from the backyard court

The mad hurrying to get out the door before school

Singing lullabies

[I’m betting you can add dozens to this list yourself]

I decided to ask my own kiddos if they had any distinct ‘sound memories’ from their childhood.  

My daughter says she always listens for that 3rd step going upstairs to creak. My youngest son (who has probably been to more swim meets than you could imagine to support his older siblings) says the “beep” at the start of a swim race is forever ingrained in his brain. And, my future college freshman says sounds don’t stick in his memory (so much for my trifecta of perfect parenting analogies!).

Whether it’s a big noise or the deep breathing of a sleeping baby –I want to remember it all. I especially don’t want to ever forget the joy I hear in my children’s voices (in and out of the house) as they continue to get older. And the next time it’s quiet — I will sit, exhale a deep breath, and be so happy for the memories certain sounds evoke in my mind. The soundtrack of my #momlife rocks.

Alicia is a born and raised Hoosier living in Badger country since 2003. She and her hubby of 20+ years, Dave, love raising their kids in the Midwest and in a college town. Alicia is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Haley, who lives and works in Madison (Mom is hardly jealous at all of her super chic apartment), and two teen age sons: Roark (a college student athlete) and high school student Cooper (who's down to being the sole kiddo living at home with what his siblings call his "elderly roommates" -- IE: Mom and Dad). Alicia likes walking their cockapoo, Laila, reading, being involved with various volunteer activities, and treasures any time her family of 5 can be together. Being a full time wife/mama, along with part time lots o' other things, provides an always entertaining, always interesting, (sometimes stressful) adventure.


  1. I’m going through this same thing. It’s funny how you do miss the strangest things! My baby will be a junior in college this Fall, so my house can be pretty quiet as well.


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