Don’t Be Afraid of the PTA

By now you are stocked up on your school supplies, maybe have the first day of school outfits planned out, and maybe you’re excited to get your kids back into the school routine once again. Our summer memories are still fresh in our minds, and we are gearing up for the hustle and bustle of a new school year. 

Whether you are starting your first one in 4k, or if you have children who are veteran school kids, I encourage you to get involved in your child’s school. 

Now I totally get it- you’re busy, you work, you’re not creative, you have kids who have a normal bedtime, you have a spouse or partner who works evenings, you can’t attend meetings. (And the list goes on).

However- there are plenty of things that you CAN do that would fit into your schedule and life. Here is a list of ways you can help out (with minimal effort, money, or time).

  1. Most schools participate in an ongoing fundraiser of sorts- think box tops, labels for education, etc. This is SUPER easy to do- just cut them off your packages that you buy, and send them to school with your kid. Usually there is a box in either the classroom or the office. Have just a tiny more bit of time? Take the time to cut it out exactly, and it saves your PTA volunteers hours of having to trim them down themselves.
  2. Join the PTA! (Or PLT, or parent group, or whatever name they go by in your child’s school.) While this may seem daunting, you might actually find yourself becoming a) more connected in your school b) meeting other parents and guardians who are in the same boat as you, and c) making important decisions for your school community. Many groups meet once a month.
  3. Sign up to volunteer at events! Parent groups try to do good things for your schools- and they need volunteers to help. Consider signing up for an hour shift at the next event, or helping to set up or clean up. 
  4. Can’t attend events? There are always things that can be done on your own time. Bake something for the bake sale, bring in materials that they need for an upcoming event, offer to create fliers to advertise, or even promote upcoming events via social media sites. Remember those box tops that I mentioned before? Offer to help trim them down at your house while you are unwinding with your favorite Netflix binge.
  5. Fundraisers- we love them. We hate them. But they really do help schools fund the amazing activities, field trips, and programs that your child benefits from during the school year. Participate as much as you can in the fundraiser. If you can purchase something- great! Maybe relatives can purchase something- great! If you can’t afford to purchase anything that is understandable. Instead you can volunteer your time distributing flyers, counting totals, or passing out the purchased items when they arrive. Always remember- time is valuable also- you don’t always need to make a financial contribution. 

What to do next? Most schools will be having an open house toward the end of the month. When you get there don’t ignore the parent group table- introduce yourself and see what opportunities await!


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