Get your Hygge on For Spring

Hygge. Heard of it? Wondering what it is? Know how to pronounce it?

It’s trending all over Facebook & Twitter, springing up as a topic in books & blogs, and as of December 2018 people have tagged more than 4 million posts on Instagram with #hygge.  

Hygge — pronounced HOO-ga — refers to a warm and cozy lifestyle first accredited to the people of Denmark. My hubby read the book “The Year of Living Danishly” by Helen Russell a few years ago and was sold on the premise of a simple state of contentment. [He’s been happily crooning “HOOOOOO-ga” at me since he read it whenever the words “cozy” or “snuggle up” or “happiness” come up in conversation.]

Hygge really took root during the fall and winter months with the lighting of candles, and sitting under a throw blanket by the fireplace. But now spring is in the air (at least I hope it is — living in beautiful Madison it can be tough to tell at times!).

I like spring. Things are blooming, weather is getting warmer, and the air is full of hope and happiness and possibilities. So how do we embrace our hygge for spring?

Here’s a few little things I am trying to get my hygge on for the season:

1 . Flowers
I love flowers (hint, hint to the hubby). Grab some at your local grocery store. I like to divide up the bunch I get and divide them into vases throughout the house (cut them to different lengths, mix it up). Put some in your entryway, on your bedside table, anywhere that could use a pop of color and life.

2.  Candles
Often we think candles are just for the cooler months, but grab your sweet-smelling fruity, floral candles. And, definitely put them outside to add to your ambiance on a patio or deck. 

3.  Take a walk
This one seems simple. We’ve been waiting on warmer weather and less snow on the ground. Get outside, people! Let that spring air fill your lungs. It will give you a jolt of energy and you’ll feel refreshed. 

4.  Sit in the sunshine.
You might be able to incorporate this in with your walk. When you find the sunshine — sit down and let those golden rays hit your face. I don’t have a front porch, but I do have a little front step. You can often find me sitting there taking a phone call, hanging with my pup, and soaking in the sunshine. (So grateful for my south-facing house!)

5.  Bake something
The temps are getting warmer but don’t be afraid to turn on the oven and whip something up. It’s super satisfying to pull a treat out and let the yummy smells fill your home. If you don’t want the calories — box up the goodies and walk them over to a neighbor (see there how I incorporated #3 in again).

6.  Declutter and de-stress
I always find it cleansing and satisfying to clean out a closet or tidy up a cabinet (I know, I’m a little weird); but there’s probably a reason that when you Google the words “spring cleaning” there are over 580,000.000 hits.   

Those Danes may be on to something — their hygge lifestyle and obsession with all things cozy is one of the reasons Denmark is always at the top of the list of the world’s happiest countries despite their infamously famous winters (sound familiar?)

Let’s see if we can incorporate a little hygge in our lives every season. Who doesn’t need a little more happy?

Alicia is a born and raised Hoosier living in Badger country since 2003. She and her hubby of 20+ years, Dave, love raising their kids in the Midwest and in a college town. Alicia is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Haley, who lives and works in Madison (Mom is hardly jealous at all of her super chic apartment), and two teen age sons: Roark (a college student athlete) and high school student Cooper (who's down to being the sole kiddo living at home with what his siblings call his "elderly roommates" -- IE: Mom and Dad). Alicia likes walking their cockapoo, Laila, reading, being involved with various volunteer activities, and treasures any time her family of 5 can be together. Being a full time wife/mama, along with part time lots o' other things, provides an always entertaining, always interesting, (sometimes stressful) adventure.


  1. I’m all about the HOOOOOO-ga (😉) also!! #6 might need some extra attention
    Love your post, as always!! Inspired to get my hygee on 🤗


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