Go, See, Explore: Explore Children’s Museum in Sun Prairie, WI

(Sun Prairie, WI): Explore Children’s Museum is home to a wide range of both permanent and rotating exhibits specifically selected and curated to encourage imaginative play, creative thinking, and hands-on learning. The exhibits spark curiosity around art, building/construction, literature, science exploration, large motor development and potential career opportunities.



Explore Children’s Museum of Sun Prairie is dedicated to serving children, caregivers and communities. Explore Children’s Museum’s mission is to provide meaningful opportunities, inspire participation in purposeful play and promote lifelong learning. They create opportunities for individuals to take an active role in learning environments that inspire creativity, exploration, engagement, shared learning, collaboration, communication, critical thinking skills and fun.

At Explore Children’s Museum children will have agency in their play. When they are creative, enthusiastically engaged, exploratory and given the opportunity to take risks and experiment, they are actively building their brains to prepare them for school and the world beyond. Play also supports the critical formation of child-caregiver relationships through positive attention, mutual joy and shared attunement that children need to thrive.

Children’s museums provide a place for children to play. They are a place for children and caregivers to nurture their relationships. They are a part of a collaborative community effort to prepare children for school and life. Children’s museums offer guided play, where the child directs the play in a setting that is carefully constructed with educational goals in mind.


1433 Main Street – Sun Prairie, WI

Hours of Play

  • Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Monday 9am-4pm
  • Tuesday 9am-12pm
  • Wednesday 9am-4pm
  • Thursday 9am-7pm
  • Friday 9am-4pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm


$8/person for everyone over the age of 12 months. Family memberships are $120/year.

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