I Know You’re Tired

Hi Mama,

I just thought I’d let you know I see you.

I see you in your yoga pants from last night. I see the dark circles under your eyes. I know you feel overlooked. Underloved and unappreciated. I know you’re tired.

I see the joy your children bring you. The glimmer in your eye. I see you pushing your own needs aside. Your late night worrying, the never-ending self-questioning. I see your smile lines. I know you are so tired.

I see your sticky countertops, the toys strewn about your floors and un-dusted rooms. I see the tenderness in your touch, the way those babies bring purpose to your life. I see you checking their breathing and tender kisses at night. But I know you are tired.

I see you missing the woman you once were-joyful and carefree. I know you doubt your decision making, yourself for the way things are. The way they were and how they should be. I know you wish you would’ve done it differently and could go back in time. I know you are just so, so tired.

I see you never giving up and never giving in. Doing everything for everyone. Pretending you are ok. Convincing yourself you are. Crying when you are not.

I know sweetie, it’ll be ok-you’re just tired.

I know that forever isn’t long enough to love them. That they are your heart. I see you praying for them, worrying for them, loving them, nurturing them. I know you know they are worth every sleepless night. But still, I know you are tired.

I know you are feeling guilty. Wondering if there is something you could’ve done or should’ve changed. I know you miss someone. I know you thought you had dealt with the pain and wish you had, because you are so tired.

I see you juggling everything, spinning too many plates. I see you feeling lonely, then pretending you’re not. Wondering if it’s ok to reach out, ask for help, but you are afraid. It’s hard to when you are tired.

I see your joy-dancing with them, playing and giggling. Being so grateful that these little people are yours. Wondering what you ever did to deserve them. I know that you cherish them even though they make you tired.

I see you. I believe in you. I know you. I am you. We are all you. Take care of yourself, Mama.

And one day, we won’t be so tired.





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