I Just Don’t Get It



Well, it’s official. I have reached a new status in road of motherhood. No, I am not referring to the fact that my 10- year -old now ransacks my closet to steal my clothes. (If only this worked the other way around too.)

I am talking about are the words now being uttered to me by my oldest child. Not the dreaded, “I HATE YOU!” I reached that milestone ages ago. In fact, I am almost immune to declarations of anger like that; whether from saying no to a play date, TV show, or simply forcing my children to brush their teeth. (I know, I am the worst.)

It’s something I was pretty sure would never happen to me, because I am way too cool. But, nonetheless, here I sit. I am pondering every road I took to get to this place, and can’t quite put my finger on it.

I am speaking of the worst phrase ever…”You just don’t get it!” Like, seriously!!! This is happening in my life right now.

Let me tell you about the things I just don’t get.

I don’t get:

-Why my 10-year-old needs her own cell phone to text and make phone calls on, even though she would only be allowed to text 2 people. And the phone she has that works with internet is already capable of doing that.

-Why she should be allowed to keep a bag of candy in her room instead of in the kitchen, and I should just trust her to only eat it when I say she can. Even though she already sneaks her candy.

-Why shorts should be allowed when there is snow on the ground

-Why we shouldn’t throw our life savings into buying brand new gear for every activity she tries, so that she is completely outfitted when she tells us she no longer wants to do said activity.

-Why she can’t have a wall of cages filled with wild animals

-Why she can’t wear lipstick out of the house

-Why she should be able to chop with sharp knives in the kitchen without supervision

-Why she should have to clean up dog poop…when her dog poops in the house

-Why she can’t cut her clothes up to make something new without asking first

-Why I won’t buy her more of something she already has and doesn’t use

-Why she can’t have the Master bedroom

-Why she can’t have a snack an hour after she is supposed to be in bed sleeping

-Why I am clearly wrong at any given moment

I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t get it. I feel like I do, but I am proven wrong time and again.

Oh well, there is still hope for my youngest, right?

Diana has never strayed far from home. After growing up on the east side of Madison, she is now raising her family in Middleton. She is a firm believer in finding humor in the chaos, that anything she sees (anywhere) she can probably DIY, and that good food can cure just about anything. She shares her life with her two wonderful daughters. She embraces their modern mixed family that has grown around them, and all the adventure it brings.


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