Looking for a Fun, Educational, At-Home Kids Activity? Meet imPACTful Creations

Struggling to find kid-friendly activities that successfully combine fun and learning? You’re not alone. It’s tricky to achieve the right balance, but one at-home activity, courtesy of a local non-profit, stands out for being entertaining, educational, and community-oriented. 

Business starter kits created for ‘kidpreneurs’ aged 8-14

Created for aspiring “kidpreneurs” aged 8-14, imPACTful Creations contain everything kids need to launch their own revenue-generating business from home, including supplies and materials to make, package, and sell products like candles, gummy candy, lotion, or cookies. imPACTful Creations also include a 37-page illustrated guidebook that details steps to determine a business name, design a logo, create marketing materials, and consider ways their business can help their community. These “businesses-in-a-box” are inspired by high school entrepreneurs of CEOs of Tomorrow, a Madison non-profit offering engaging, hands-on social entrepreneurship programs, camps, and products for young innovators. 

One of these young innovators? Ten-year-old Joslynn, CEO of Tiny Tealights: a business she recently launched from home using the imPACTful Creations Homemade Candle Business. Joslynn is eager to share how much she’s enjoyed creating her business. “My favorite thing was designing the logo,” she says. “I love to create art!” 

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Guidebook teaches entrepreneurship fundamentals

Joslynn used the robust and kid-friendly imPACTful Creations guidebook, included with every box, to learn logo-making and more. The guidebook teaches entrepreneurship fundamentals — everything from production to branding to sales — as it guides kids through the creation, launch, and maintenance of their business, step by step. 

imPACTful Creations focus on social entrepreneurship. The guide includes meaningful activities to help kids consider how their business can serve their community. “I’m interested in helping the LGBTQ community,” says Joslynn. “Sometimes they don’t feel safe or respected, and I want to make them feel included.” 

Joslynn’s mom, Masaya, echoes her daughter’s enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship. “I really believe in the idea of being a socially responsible entrepreneur . . . that you can earn money, but still impact your community,” she says. “imPACTful Creations gives our daughter the opportunity to really think about ways to support something she believes in.”

Beyond entrepreneurship, imPACTful Creations benefit kids’ growth and development in a number of ways. Says Masaya, “I’m learning from Joslynn — I’m her assistant on this journey, which helps to build her leadership skills.” Masaya also speaks to Joslynn’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which have been tested and nurtured throughout the process. 

Critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity

Joslynn and Masaya’s experience with imPACTful Creations aligns with the goals of the kits: using entrepreneurship to help kids practice critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity — all while growing their confidence, self-responsibility, and resiliency. 

From conversations with many “kidpreneurs” (and their parents), it’s clear that kids who launch a business using imPACTful Creations experience an enormous sense of accomplishment and pride when they see their work come to life. And they just so happen to have a blast in the process. “It’s been really fun!” shares Joslynn. Masaya echoes her sentiment: “imPACTful Creations has been nothing but amazing. Everyone should try them.” 

Shop the imPACTful Creation kits

If you’re interested in encouraging the aspiring “kidpreneur” in your life, shop imPACTful Creations here. Teachers and youth leaders can also purchase a special kit designed for groups up to thirty kids here. All proceeds help CEOs of Tomorrow youth unlock and use their entrepreneurial gifts to make the world a better place.

USE CODE: MSNMOM for $5 off through 12/31/21


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