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*The content of this post is sponsored by TLG Middleton & TLG Fitchburg. We would not recommend or promote a business who we did not have a wonderful experience with or that would not add value to our readers! The thoughts and feelings are our own.IMG_3932Strength. Joy. Balance. Coordination. Trust. Learning. Confidence. Independence. Friendship.

With young kids it can be hard to find the right activities that will keep them occupied, burn their energy and also instill confidence – all while HAVING FUN! The Little Gym does all of that and more. Last month I was able to take my 2 year old twins and my 3 year old to a morning class. After that experience we are thrilled to be signing them up for a summer session.

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that taking three kids ages 3 and under anywhere is intimidating to me. So I was a little nervous taking my twins to a class where kids participate. The beauty of it was that it was completely okay (and not at all frowned upon) when my two year old son decided he was more interested in looking out the window and shouting ‘truck’ than he was in sitting by my side in a circle and singing welcome songs. He did eventually join in, but trust me – I would have been nervous if I hadn’t been told ahead of time that ‘it’s okay if your kids do their own thing’ – the room was enclosed and there was a lot to be explored! My hope is that after we continue going regularly he will catch on, but I do breathe a huge sigh of relief at knowing that it’s okay.

The set up of the class for my 2 year olds was wonderful in every way. There was structured time in the beginning, followed by play time where they could explore and burn energy and the class ended with a parachute and activities. I was a part of this class with them, but it was somewhat hands off and more about the kids learning and exploring (which I loved!)

My 3 year old is more of a rule follower and listens (slightly better) to directions. So when it was time for her class, the parents can watch from behind the glass, or grab a cup of coffee next door! She was in there with a group of kids all her own age and it was a bit more structured but also allowed for free time and energy burning. I never quite know how she is going to respond to being ‘dropped off’ without her siblings or me by her side – but the smile on her face said it all. She was having a blast and this activity will be wonderful for her both physically and socially.

The teachers were friendly, knowledgable and attentive. They knew every child’s name and greeted them warmly. To say I was impressed is an understatement – this is exactly the type of place that I look forward to returning to on a regular basis. Since our visit, I have spoken to a lot of friends who also have nothing but great things to say about The Little Gym! We encourage you to check them out in Middleton & Fitchburg.


Every The Little Gym location is privately owned and operated – our review is based off our own experience at the Middleton location. The Fitchburg location also has the same management and owners so we trust that it is much in the same to our experience! They are now enrolling for summer sessions – here is the information you need to get enrolled!

920 Cayuga St.
Middleton , WI 53562
(608) 836-3028

2690 Research Park Drive
Fitchburg , WI 53711

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