Dear Mama’s. Our Daughters Are Watching


Dear Mama’s.  Our daughters are watching.

Every single moment my daughter is watching me. She watches me put my makeup on and most days, asks me questions along the way. Why do you put that on your eyes, Mama?

She watches me get dressed and change my shirt three times before choosing the right one, and asks, “Why didn’t you wear the white one, Mama?” I liked that one.

We pray nightly, I go first and then her. She innocently prays for the same things I do, or the things that I prayed for the night before. It proves that she’s listening and it melts my heart. She hears me pray out loud, as I often do again without noticing. My son quietly asked, who is Mama talking to? Her response left me speechless.

She listens.

Our daughters are watching.

She watches me silly dance, laughing hysterically, and mimics my every move. She does anything to make me laugh and she can like no other.

She sees me tearful, receiving bad news of an ill family member and is quick to comfort me and relay the message to her father upon his arrival home from work. She sees me.  She listens to me. She watches my every move.

She watches my facial expressions and gestures. Last week, I was thinking about something that was bothering me while gazing out the window of our home, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

When stuck in traffic, I sighed out loud without realizing it and she immediately asked, “Mommy, are you ok?”

In the midst of these moments life throws us, I’ve also learned more about myself from her.

It’s hard to be consistently favorable in the vast of all the negativity in this life, and then I am reminded, I am modeling self-acceptance, I am the example of how to act and live.

Every day she is watching me, what I say, how I treat people, how I react, how I respond, how I look at myself in the mirror.

I am her Mother. I am the most powerful influence in her little life.

There is a significant gift that we can give to our daughters, but before we can provide it, we have to embrace ourselves.

Motherhood is so hard, If you are doing the best you can, you are doing it right.

Dear Mama’s. Our daughters are watching.

My dearest Lydia. I love you, Mama ❤️

Alexis is a proud born and raised Wisconsin Mom. Alexis along with her hardworking HS sweetheart Steven and two angelic and “energetic” children, a girl 6 and boy 4 live comfortably nestled in their driftless hillside home minutes from beautiful Madison. Alexis is a Writer and Event Photographer for Madison Moms Blog and Writer for Live Northerly Magazine. Alexis aka “Lexi” enjoys spending time with her family, photography, the outdoors and everything Wisco has to offer and is living her dream of raising their children here. Alexis believes Motherhood, as in Life, can be messy but beautiful and hopes to inspire others to embrace the chaos and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us right here in S. Wisconsin. Follow her and her families adventures insta @wisconmom


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