Meet Betsy

IMG_7450Betsy has been married to her college sweetheart for 6 years, and is mom to a rambunctious and very active toddler named Jackson. She moved to the Madison area in early 2013 after spending 2 years living in Germany. Moving back to the states has been a big transition, but she has loved meeting new people and discovering all the fun (and free!) activities the city has to offer. As a former sales and marketing professional turned stay-at-home-mom, Betsy stays busy by trying something new each week – be it a new park, a new playgroup, a new recipe or just taking a walk in a new neighborhood. She is a part-time student hoping to become an Occupational Therapist. When she’s able to take time for herself (which is tough with a toddler!), she loves watching movies in the theater, listening to live music, college football and traveling.

Why do you want to write for Madison Moms Blog?

I am what I like to call a “nervous adventurer”. I am happiest after I’ve tried something new – but beforehand, I get extremely anxious about what to expect and spend a lot of time researching and preparing so I can feel in control. Whenever I move or visit a new city, I try to learn as much as I can about it – where to eat, what I can do with my son, places I’d like to go on a date with my husband, etc. One of the reasons I am so excited to write for Madison Mom’s Blog is the opportunity to learn from the other writers – moms just like me – as well as get to know all of the amazing women involved in the site. I’m excited to continue trying new activities, parks and restaurants so that I can share my experiences and hopefully help other moms explore all Madison has to offer.

Madison Mom
Betsy is a mom to two sassy, spunky and spirited kiddos and wife to an adventurous, soccer-loving Chemist named Noah. She is originally from the Chicago suburbs but has bounced around the world with her husband before landing (hopefully permanently!) in Madison. Her first child, Jackson, was born in Germany during their two years living abroad. Betsy loves exploring new cities, donuts (any kind, anywhere) and being a stay at home mom. She is currently in school with plans to become an Occupational Therapist.


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