Moms For Moms {Let’s Love More and Judge Less}


Let’s love more and judge less.


As a team of contributors at Madison Moms Blog we all have a few things in common. We are all moms. We all love our children dearly. We all want to be the ‘BEST’ mom possible. We want the world for our children. We also have a lot of differences in parenting approaches and that is what brings us together. How boring would it be if we were all the same?! As mothers we should be united, not divided. And that is exactly the message we want to get across today as we recognize Moms for Moms Day!

Moms for Moms Day is a day for all moms to show their support for judgment-free motherhood. Snap a selfie or a photo of you and your little one(s) while holding a sign with a message for other moms and upload it to your twitter/pinterest/instagram/facebook accounts with the hashtag #moms4moms and #madisonmomsblog. Help to spread a message of compassion and love. Also, send us a photo of you and your child (to [email protected] or to our Facebook inbox) with a caption and we will include it in our Facebook album: MOMS FOR MOMS – LOVE MORE JUDGE LESS.

Every mom makes the choices best for her family.

{I had 5 IUI’s before conceiving.}

{I got pregnant right away.}

{I had 2 miscarriages.}

{I breastfed my baby for 23 months.}

{I hated breastfeeding.}

{I formula fed.}

{I battled mastitis & ended up exclusively pumping milk for my daughter.}

{I breastfed for 14 months. I cried at the beginning because it was hard, and I cried at the end because I missed it.}

{I chose to use formula.}

{I let my daughters eat ice cream & french fries.}

 {I made my own baby food.}

{I had a natural birth.}

{I had 2 unplanned c-sections & wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.}

{I had my children naturally.}

{I had a very complicated pregnancy, didn’t enjoy being pregnant, and most likely won’t do it again.}

{I loved being pregnant.}

{It took me a long time to bond with my daughter.}

 {My son had colic for 6 months.}

{I’ve never tried the ‘cry it out’ method.}

{I can’t go to sleep at night until I sneak in and whisper “I love you angel” to my sleeping little one.}

{I let my kids watch tv… a lot.}

{I have anxiety about screen time.}

{I lost my baby weight right away, then gained it all back while struggling with PPD. Now I’m losing it again – for good!}

{I vaccinate my kids.}

{My family is complete with one child.}

{I am raising my daughters as Christians.}

E and E
{My family is not religious.}

{I work full-time.}

 {I had postpartum anxiety.}

{I battled with PPD – and won!}

We’re all in this together.


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