Why Invisalign?

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Like many women in their 30’s I had braces when I was younger. Because of that I had a straight and beautiful smile for many years. Having beautiful teeth always gave me a boost of confidence since a great smile is something people always notice!

After 10 years of wearing my retainer religiously I finally decided to give it the heave-ho, not realizing how critical it was for keeping my teeth in place. So here I am in my 30’s and my teeth have shifted.

When I told my husband I wanted to get Invisalign he didn’t understand why. At first he thought I was crazy. He told me I have a beautiful smile, but that didn’t dissuade me from wanting to recover the smile I had through my teens and 20’s. So I began to research dentists and orthodontists in the area, finally settling on Madison Smile Solutions.

From the moment I first arrived I was greeted by friendly faces. Once my initial consultation was complete the staff was entirely supportive of my decision to get Invisalign. They outlined the process for me and were able to devise a schedule to accommodate my hectic life as a mother of three.


Now I’m a 7 weeks into the process and I couldn’t be more pleased. My appointment times are always convenient and I’m never kept waiting. And I’m SO excited to see my final results later this year. When I’m done, I will never take my retainer for granted again! Thank you Madison Smile Solutions!

Since I started with Invisalign I’ve discovered that several of my friends are in the same boat, wanting to regain the smiles they had when they were teenagers. If you are considering orthodontics, now is the time! I highly encourage you to call Madison Smile Solutions at 608.277.7000 and find out what your options are.

I love being able to wear my aligners and no one can tell that I’m wearing them except for me, they truly are ‘invisible’. On the left is a month into my treatment (with the aligners) and on the right is a couple months before. 

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Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the no-hassle, nearly invisible Invisalign teeth straightening system at Madison Smile Solutions Invisalign Q&A Session & wine & cheese party, Tuesday, March 10th at 5:30 PM
One attendee will receive a FREE set of Invisalign aligners!
Everyone that attends will be eligible to receive FREE ortho records – ($250 Value)
Only 25 seats are available. Reserve your space by calling 608.227.7000 or email [email protected]

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