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It’s the end of August and I am ready for all things fall related. Pumpkin spice lattes, corn mazes, apple orchards and everything that fall brings! This is my favorite time of the year and I wish it lasted longer than a few short weeks. Fall also brings out the busy-ness in our schedules. Kids are going back to school, sports are starting up, and it seems like we are running around non stop! Us moms have a lot on our plates this time of the year. Trying to get that routine and schedule back on track is usually our first priority. Therefore, we often put ourselves on the back burner, resulting in not having ample time for planning and picking our outfits. This is where a capsule wardrobe is a great option. What exactly is a capsule wardrobe? In this article we are going to answer exactly that. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will feel confident and inspired to create a capsule wardrobe of your own!

Capsule wardrobes are all about simplicity. They are created with classic pieces that can be mixed and matched several different ways. This gives the effect you have a large wardrobe, but in reality its only around 30 pieces or so. I love helping women create wardrobes that they are excited about, and can easily navigate without getting overwhelmed. The key to all of this, is picking really great staple pieces that aren’t going to go out of style. Yes, those trendy pieces are great and all, but those trends are going to pass, and then you are left with these pieces you probably wont reach for anymore. So instead of making up the majority of your closet with trendy pieces, build it on classic pieces, and add a few of those fun and trendy items in. I’ve put together a list of staple pieces I think belong in everyone’s closet, and what I believe you will get the most wear out of. I’ve also included pictures so you have a visual of all the options you will get with a capsule wardrobe. Under each photo will be links for the pieces I’m wearing or similar options so it will make putting together your capsule easy. Let’s dive in ladies!


Chambray – This is probably my most worn piece of clothing. I pair my chambray top with literally everything! It’s a great layering piece, or worn alone with a fun statement necklace. The classiness factor of this top will never go out of style.

Similar chambray top
Similar vest

Striped long sleeve – This is another great layering piece. I wear this with so much, and its also fun to pattern mix with. Add a fun patterned scarf or cardigan with this top to jazz it up for something different.

Similar striped top
My jacket

Basic layering t-shirts – Having basic layering t-shirts in a few colors is a great idea. You will pair these under a lot of your jackets and cardigans.

Similar t-shirt

Classic flannel – When I think of fall, I think of flannel tops. Something about them seems so fitting for this time of the year, and they look great for any and all fall activities!

Similar flannel
My vest

Cardigans – I say you can never have too many cardigans, but I doubt my Husband would agree with me on that one! Cardigans really pull an outfit together. I think its important to have both light and dark colored options, along with light and heavier knit fabrics.

Grey cardigan
Similar black cardigan

Oversized sweaters – These are great to have for those casual days of running errands or just hanging out with the kids. They are great paired with leggings and sneakers, or skinny jeans and boots.

Similar sweater

Stylish sweatshirt – You know those days you just want to wear a sweatshirt but don’t want to look like a total slob? These lace up sweatshirts are great because you can be comfortable and still look stylish.

Lace up sweatshirt


Vests – Being a Wisconsin girl, vests get a lot of wear in my wardrobe! Here, you can wear them 8 months out of the year, making them a wise investment.  I love how easy they are to throw on, and how they complete an outfit. You can pair your vests over any of the tops we just talked about above.

I got this J Crew checkered vest second hand, but I would highly recommend any J Crew vests.

Olive jacket – These jackets are huge in the fall trends, and I’m so glad! I love how you can pair these over anything. If you search fall outfits on Pinterest, you are bound to find tons of pictures with these awesome jackets in them. Definitely worth the investment, and I promise that you will get a lot of wear out of it!

Olive jacket

Jean jacket – I truly believe that the jean jacket will never go out of style. They pair nicely over so many things. Style it over a t-shirt for a casual day of shopping, or over a dress for date night with the hubby.

Similar jacket

Moto jacket – Moto jackets are a great layering piece to jazz up your outfit for date nights or girls night out.

Similar jacket


Jeans – Since there are so many styles of jeans out there, this part comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer skinny or straight leg jeans? Dark or light wash? Dressy or distressed? I think its important to have both casual and dressier options so you will be set for any occasion.

My ultimate favorite jeans

Black jeans – Black jeans are great for fall and winter. I like how they can be dressed up or down.

Similar black jeans

Leggings/joggers – Leggings are always a must! Joggers are also a great option if you want something casual but different than leggings.


Tall boots – Tall leather boots are so classic. While ankle boots seem to be all the rage right now, I still think its important to have tall boots. They are a nice dressy option that I think you will use a lot!

Similar boots

Ankle boots – Ankle boots are definitely the more popular option of boots right now. This is the what I wear most days, and I really like all the different styles you can get.

Burgundy booties

Sneakers – I really am enjoying sneakers this year. Whether it be slip on, or lace up, they seem to go with so much.

My sneakers

Rain boots – I like how practical rain boots are, but still look stylish. These are a great option for kids field trips or sporting events.

Hunter boots


Scarves – Scarves are a great way to add pattern, texture, or a pop of color to your outfit.

Fedoras – Hats are not only for covering up those bad hair days. They are also great for adding a little flair and style to your look.

My hat

Statement jewelry – Jewelry is a must. It’s an easy way to dress up an outfit without having to put much thought into it. I love the leather earrings that are so popular right now, along with anything tassels.

Leather earrings

The options are great with a capsule wardrobe. It’s simple, it’s organized, and it’s easy to navigate. I suggest having a capsule for each season. This way you can keep each season in its own bin, and only have one hanging up in your closet at a time. This will keep things more organized and less confusing. I also love sharing ideas on how to create these wardrobes on a budget. I am all about thrifting and saving money where I can. My favorite one stop shop is Style Encore, which is right here in Madison and locally owned. If you are looking for high end clothes at a great price point, make sure to stop in their store. You won’t be disappointed!

I hope this article was informative, and you can now move forward in confidence with your wardrobe! If you would like to keep up with my blog and articles, head over to my Facebook page Clothed In Grace where I post daily outfit ideas and styling tips.

Thank you so much to Madison Moms Blog for giving me the opportunity to share my love of fashion with you!

–Becca (Clothed In Grace)

Photos taken by Made In His Image Photography

*The links used in this article are affiliate links.

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