How You Can Stop Chasing Work/Life Balance


One topic that comes up with almost all of my friends and clients is the idea of balance, and specifically them striving for some sort of balance. It comes up in many forms. The one people are typically striving for is some sort of work/life balance. I’m not a huge fan of the pursuit of balance. I think it sets you up to fail and ultimately makes you feel like you don’t measure up and aren’t good enough. Because if you were good enough you could do it all and do it with grace and balance right?! Wrong. If balance is high on your want list I would encourage you to look at what balance means to you. If you were to have the balance you desire how would your life be different? 

A great way to drill down and figure out what you really want is to make your list of all the ways your life would be different when you have balance. After you have spent time with that list, write down two to three things that would need to change to make them happen. 

For example. If right now you are always working even when you are at home and you can’t even get through dinner without tending to a work issue. But in your vision of balance you are dreaming of taking yearly trips with your family and while you are on these trips you are only focused on your family, no work at all. 

One solution is creating boundaries. Ahh, it’s so much fun and so freaking scary at the same time! 

Boundaries come in all forms and the main job they have is creating clear guidelines that you and everyone else adhere to. They are not easy but once you get going on them I promise it gets much easier. Think of it like dealing with your toddler or teen. They need boundaries and rules otherwise it’s crazy town. Same thing here. If you are craving balance it’s likely you are living in crazy town and one part of your life is running the show. 

If you are local to Madison, WI and want to hear more about this AND take some time to work on it join me at the DreamBank March 12, 6:15-7:30 for Balance is BS a talk about why you need to stop the pursuit of balance and start living life the way you actually want to! Register here!

Alecia Jacobson
Alecia is a native of Madison and loves that her children will be raised here too. She is a mama and stepmom (although she cringes at the label 'step') to six, yes six children! They range in ages from 3 months to 12 years, four girls and two boys. She considers herself crazy lucky to have a second chance at love and marriage with her husband Joe. Alecia is the owner and trainer of a local boutique gym. She spends her mornings training and her afternoons with her kids and on most days is the best of both worlds. She has a passion for women's health and uses her training as a way to go beneath the surface and help women and moms to embrace what is uncomfortable and be their best selves. Being able to witness women pushing their limits, setting and achieving goals is what fuels her fire. Women are capable of anything and getting a front row seat to their accomplishments is the best reward. She knows how important it is for moms to take care of themselves and makes it a priority to set aside time for herself. Every week she has a 'nonnegotiable' date with yoga and her other workouts. She has a love of racing and participates in local 5k's. Her children have taken on her love of running also. She coaches Girls on the Run and the boys Let Me Run program.


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